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Companies 'should examine risks ahead' around coronavirus impact


Rupert Johnston and Alan Elwood

Rupert Johnston and Alan Elwood

Rupert Johnston and Alan Elwood

Northern Ireland firms should look ahead and review the risks their businesses could face in the coming year with the pandemic and risk of a second wave, it’s been claimed.

And “being resilient enough to navigate the next 12 to 18 months is critical for any company”, according to Rupert Johnston of Belfast-based risk management firm Risk and Resilience.

“This situation affords, in fact it demands, that resilience forms a central aspect of those preparations. There is a long road ahead and companies have already made progress along it,” he said.

“But continuing to look ahead for risks, such as those posed by a second Covid-19 peak, Brexit, changing supply chains and the economic impacts to come, require planning, re-planning, and being both agile and resilient will be vital.”

The company has previously worked with major airports, FTSE 100 firms and utility companies.

Alan Elwood, also a director at Risk and Resilience, said “signs of long-term Covid-19 induced change in a post pandemic world” and that some of them “will become permanent”.

“As companies look to the remainder of 2020 and 2021, it’s important to navigate a resilient path through all of the uncertainty and turbulence. To that end, we’ve taken our tried and tested resilience services and fine-tuned them for the Covid-19 world.  The ‘resilience navigator’ service includes an online resilience ‘health check’ to take stock of current operational resilience and identify the likely next steps.

“It’s a simple multiple-choice questionnaire that is followed up with a short consultation and report – all of which can be delivered remotely.

“We are all in unchartered territories and our decades of experience advising a range of companies can add real value.”

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