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My Day: Leanne Blair, Built For Growth Digital


Leanne Blair

Leanne Blair

Leanne Blair

Name: Leanne Blair

Position: Co-head of consultancy and services, Built For Growth Digital

I get up and get my daughter Miesha ready for nursery. Currently we are working on a hybrid model in Built For Growth Digital so we are in the office around three days per week and home from two. I enjoy getting back to the office to see colleagues, as well as enjoying the benefits of collaborating as a team.

I check emails and catch up on anything I need to do. I love a to-do-list so I add anything further to this to plan for the day head.

As co-head of the business, I wear many hats such as e-commerce consultancy, sales, marketing and digital marketing so meeting with my co-head of consultancy and services (Andrew McComb) is an extremely important part of the day. Andrew and I will divide up our key initiatives and focal points for each day and keep each other well informed on key issues.

Meeting with the growth consultancy team to discuss our clients, their performance and how we can improve their sales. This can dive into aspects such as conversion rate optimisation, average order value, digital marketing, search engine optimisation and user experience. We are constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve, and we are always sharing knowledge and tips to help each other to succeed in the e-commerce space.

Email catch up and task list. Our relationship with our clients is a top priority in Built For Growth Digital – we have more than 50 clients across the UK and Ireland so keeping up to date and responding to emails promptly is a priority. We work in partnership with IRP Commerce and are joined bi-weekly with its customer success team to review clients and to collaborate on different projects.

Lunch with the team. At Built For Growth Digital we have an amazing team dynamic and we always make the effort to sit around the table at lunch and catch up about general life. We are like a family at Built For Growth and we always encourage our team to take breaks throughout the day.

Catch up with my clients to discuss the strategy of their business, coming up to this important Black Friday and Christmas peak season for online shopping, we need to plan this in line with our digital marketing team which includes Google PPC, social media marketing and affiliate marketing.

We have three teams – digital marketing, growth consultancy and design. We meet with one of these teams to reflect on the issues of the day and any successes or challenges that we are facing at the time. It’s a great opportunity to problem solve and most importantly learn from one another. Collaboration is central to everything we do.

As a leader in the business it’s very important for me to retain strong relationships with clients so I’ll normally check in with a few of them to keep the channels of communication open and see how I can support their business.

To finish off the day I collect my daughter from nursery, spend some quality time with her and my husband and if the weather permits get out for a cycle. If not, I usually jump on the indoor trainer to keep the fitness levels up. I always believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Time out on the bike is really valuable and a great way to decompress and leave the office behind me for the evening.