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Tina McKenzie

Tina McKenzie

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Tina McKenzie

Recruitment firm Staffline has had a decent year, judging by its latest figures, and in spite of the tumultuous economic and societal surroundings.

The business saw sales rising from £64m to £83m, according to its latest set of accounts for its Northern Ireland business, Staffline Recruitment (NI) Ltd, ending January 2021.

And across the island as a whole, the business says revenue is now at around £112m.

Staffline is headed by Tina McKenzie, and is a business which has undergone fairly significant expansion over the last few years, after taking on Grafton’s Ireland arm back in 2018.

The business now employs around 160 people across Ireland, with more than 120 in Northern Ireland, according to filings for Staffline Recruitment (NI) Ltd.

“I’m proud that our results for 2021 have been so strong, particularly in light of the difficult geo-political, economic and social climate,” Tina McKenzie said.

“Staffline has shown a determination and resolve to adjust to the challenges that the past number of years have presented.

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“Our recruitment offering has improved steadily, we have committed to investing our time in key growth areas, identifying clear gaps in the market and winning new and eclectic clients. We underwent a major rebrand during the height of the pandemic but kept a strong focus on our targets.

“Staffline benefited hugely from the cultural shift in a new approach to working, which has flexibility and efficiency at its heart. We are also proud to lead the way in terms of gender equality at all levels of the company, a pledge to equal and fair pay, a commitment to learning and development, a generous health and wellbeing package among other industry beating benefits.

“However, standing still is and has never been an option for Staffline. Despite impressive growth and a revenue of £112m, we continue our ambitious plans for expansion in the south, which we have identified as a strategic growth market. Indeed, we expect our revenue number to increase by up to 10% over the coming year, so a busy and exciting time ahead for our entire Staffline team.”

The company says it has continued to see growth across Ireland “despite the dual challenges of Brexit and Covid, which have changed the dynamics and emphasis of the entire workforce”.

Following a return to some level of economic and societal normality in 2021 and now in to 2022, the company says the trajectory for this year “looks promising”.

“Despite the obvious challenges of the pandemic, Staffline Ireland, which employs 160 staff across Ireland, has pivoted towards new and emerging sectors, shaking off its previous blue collar reputation and recently added a new Staffline Executive Search brand to its considerable armoury of recruitment services,” the firm says.

“Drawing on its strong links with parent company Staffline GB, it has harnessed some major recruitment opportunities for the diverse range of candidates on the Staffline Ireland database. With weekly workers hitting the 5,000 mark and having processed over a quarter of a million payslips across 2021, this is a company whose back-office team is clearly as industrious as some of it’s more prominent members of staff.

“With impressive revenues of £112m and continuous expansion plans in the Republic, including three new offices there to supplement the current office base right across Ireland, the future looks extremely bright for this dynamic and ambitious recruitment firm.” π