The importance of effective HR advice

One of the key aspects of any high performance organisation is an effective approach to human resources. HR is key to supporting companies and managing changes in the workplace, writes Donal Laverty


Donal Laverty

Donal Laverty

Donal Laverty

With constant change around us, organisations must rethink, reimagine and reconsider how they foster talent, deliver services and strengthen their organisations.

Organisations are complex and the attraction, recruitment, retention and management of people is a big challenge – how do you deliver the most compelling work experience?

The issues are complex – including employee support, leadership development, pay and benefits, not to mention keeping on the right side of ever-changing employment legislation and employee rights.

This can all be done through a forward-thinking HR service.

Baker Tilly Mooney Moore has many years’ experience supporting organisations with people and organisation issues – our consulting offer is well known and highly respected. Throughout that time, we have provided ongoing support on HR issues and now is the time to develop that support into a service that we know organisations require – a trusted, flexible, professional and cost-effective resource to support them in ensuring their people function and policies support organisational growth.

The right HR service can make the difference between a compliant organisation and one that ends up in tribunal, the difference between attracting the right people into the right kind of roles or an organisation that keeps losing staff, or the difference between a progressive place, where people want to work, rather than somewhere where vacancies are difficult to fill.

A good HR service provider, quite simply saves an organisation money on one hand, and helps them become more effective on the other.

The HR Advisory Service is, fundamentally, about supporting the success of any organisation. That support takes the form of guiding organisations in reimagining themselves, developing talent strategies, addressing wellbeing and work-life, administering HR systems, processes and policies - all critical and uniquely skilled contributions our dedicated HR Advisory Service can make.

The range of services include:

·       HR audits - from auditing the HR team and strategy efficiency to audits of contracts, policies & procedures, pay and right to work

·       HR advice - employee relations issues as and when they arise

·       Disciplinary/grievance facilitation - at all levels

·       Documentation - creation of contracts, letters, developing company policies, staff handbooks and procedures etc

·       Training - produce and implement training courses e.g. equal opportunities, management training etc

·       Recruitment and selection campaigns - at all levels (role scoping, advertisement, shortlisting, CV screening, designing interview centres, contract management)

·       Employee reward – pay and benefits services; salary benchmarking

·       Employment law - practical advice, guidance and updates on legislation changes to minimise the risk of potential costly claims

·       Handling and advising on redundancy/lay off situations

·       Job evaluation – analysis, job design and job description development

·       Specific projects - e.g. merger integration, appraisals, staff benefits policies, restructures.

To find out more contact Donal Laverty, Consulting Partner Tel: 028 9032 3466