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Prime Positions

Inside Front Cover Double Page £3,250 excl vat

Inside Front Cover £2,250 excl vat

Opposite Editor’s ‘Comment’ £2,250 excl vat

Inside Back Cover £2,250 excl vat

Back Cover £2,250 excl vat


Double Page Spread £3,000 excl vat

Full Page Advertisement £2,000 excl vat

Half Page Advertisement £1,250 excl vat

1/4 Page Advertisement £700 excl vat

Sponsorship Strips

Rate: £500 excl vat per strip

Format: A branded sponsorship strip that can run along the top/bottom of a choice of editorial pages on a monthly basis.

Rationale: The strip creates an affiliation with the contents on that page so provides an excellent chance for the advertiser to promote themselves as market leaders of a specific sector.

Special Rate: Discounts are available for block bookings of six or 11 issues.

Front Cover Package

Rate: £5,000 excl vat

Format: Interview with editor, John Mulgrew

Professional photography for front cover and inside story.

Pagination: Four pages (front cover and three for inside story)

Rationale: The front cover offers maximum visual impact for any company to target our readers. The shelf life of Ulster Business exceeds one month, and our readers tend to associate certain editions with the company on the front cover e.g. June = Company X.

Additional: 30 copies supplied for company’s own use.

Feature Sponsorship

Rate: £4,500 excl vat

Format: Full page advertisement within the feature

Full page editorial within the feature

Branded sponsor strips on every editorial page (min of four) which can include logo, contact details, corporate colours and can differ to allow various messages to be communicated.

Rationale: This package is the perfect opportunity to fully highlight a company’s services in a specific field and to promote them as the market leaders.

Gatefold (three or four page)

Rate: £4,500 or £5,500 excl vat

Format: Positioned in the inside front cover of the magazine (or within a targeted feature), which when opened, forms a 3/4 page ‘gate’ spread.

Rationale: This offers excellent visual impact for the reader and the prime positioning guarantees that the reader will be aware of subject material.


Rate: £5,500 excl vat

Format: A wraparound positioned around the front cover which opens onto a double page spread advertisement.

Rationale: The prime positioning of the ‘wrap’ around the front cover ensures excellent visual impact for the readers, hence encouraging awareness of subject material. As the wrap-around is secured to the double page spread advertisement, every reader must open the spread to remove the wrap (therefore every reader will see the double page spread before any other article in the magazine).


Info: This is a cost effective method to distribute leaflets, brochures and other promotional items. The single cost (shown below) includes labelling, postage, packaging, manpower and mailing list.

Average Cost: £1,995 excl vat (This is dependent on size and weight of insert)

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