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Food waste app hits 100k download milestone


Yellow stickered produce is scanned to the Gander app.

Yellow stickered produce is scanned to the Gander app.

Yellow stickered produce is scanned to the Gander app.

Gander, an innovative app launched in Northern Ireland in 2019 to address the issue of food waste, has surpassed a milestone of 100,000 downloads.

Automatically connecting shoppers to reduced foods in their local shops, the technology is now used in more than 380 stores across the UK and Channel Islands.

In the first quarter of 2021, Gander welcomed onboard SPAR International, Heart of England Co-op, Dee Bee Wholesale, Hockenhull Garages and MPK Garages, which operate under the Today’s and Morrisons facias. Further new national and international partners are said to be lined up for the forthcoming months.

Gander said it is experiencing strong customer retention rates, with a core base of active weekly users alongside a surge in app downloads.

The app integrates directly with food stores’ POS systems, without requiring any changes or staff training in-store, enabling retailers to automatically display all reduced-to-clear food on their shelves to shoppers in real-time.

“Our app has inspired shoppers to make smart choices, and this has translated to retailers, who enjoy the benefits of the data our app empowers them with,” said Ashley Osborne, co-founder, Gander.

“Gander gives consumers real-time visibility of reduced products and they can create favourite products and favourite stores to show reduced products that are available. But alongside this functionality, the reporting mechanic for retailers is invaluable and one of a kind within the market.

“We give extensive data back to the retailer through our analytics platform Ganderlytics, on which they can act in real time, such as amount wasted, number of reductions live, best times for reducing, reduction compliance in each store (ie are items actually being reduced as they should) as well as how users are interacting with their reductions in each of their stores.

“Our mission has always been to reduce food waste and seeing the continual uptake of the app by consumers and retailers alike demonstrates we are not alone.”

Gander has regularly placed in the top 10% of app downloads and continues to attract huge interest from major UK, RoI and global retailers, he said.

The app, which can be downloaded via Apple or Android app stores, is said to have saved 1.7 million food items from going to waste, equivalent to 1,800 tonnes of CO2, since its launch.