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Webinar series to focus on sustainable beef production


A series of webinars focused on sustainable beef farming for the future will kick off on May 20, with speakers set to include farmers, industry representatives, researchers and advisers.

Themes the webinars will address include production efficiency, environmental sustainability, resilience and the supply chain in Northern Ireland.

Joining forces to deliver the webinars are the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI), College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise, Livestock and Meat Commission, Northern Ireland Meat Export Association, National Beef Association and Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU).

The first webinar, on May 20, will highlight how the results of recent scientific studies can be implemented at a farm level to deliver sustainable levels of beef production from grass. AFBI’s soil, agronomy and sustainable livestock production scientists will indicate how nutrients can be best utilised within the farm gate to produce beef in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

The second webinar, on June 17, will address the issue of resilience within beef production systems. This webinar will discuss how beef farms can become resilient from a financial perspective. Two local farmers will also outline how they have future proofed their businesses by introducing an alternative enterprise to their farm or gaining off-farm employment. Both farmers will share their decision-making process and challenges they encountered whilst adopting their decision.

The third webinar, in September, will address the challenge for beef farmers to ensure beef is produced in an environmentally sustainable way. Discussion will focus on what sustainability is from a beef farmer’s perspective, highlight the research carried out to support industry expectations and provide solutions which can help farmers be both more profitable and deliver improved environmental sustainability.

The fourth and final webinar, in October, will demonstrate sustainable beef supply chain initiatives in practice. The webinar will be designed to show how the supply chain is responding to consumer demand for sustainable food.

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The series of webinars will take place on Thursday evenings at 8pm online via Zoom. Pre-registration for the event is essential, via the UFU website at www.ufuni.org/events