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Award-winning ‘field to fork’ brand Mash Direct launches skinny fries


Mash Direct (www.mashdirect.com), the award-winning ‘field to fork’ vegetable accompaniments brand, is launching its latest potato-based product to add to its innovative range in the form of a Skinny Fries SKU.

The Skinny Fries product offers Mash Direct’s famous home-grown potatoes thinly cut, coated in a light crispy batter and fried for a perfect texture.

Oven-cooked in just 15 minutes from chilled, the product is gluten-free and also boasts three green traffic lights for being low in saturated fat, salt and sugar, and is full of natural veggie goodness.

The well-known and well-loved version of chips is a great addition to any mid-week meal or perfect as part of a ‘Fakeaway’ meal at home at the weekend, be it with sausages, fish or simply on their own: lightly sprinkled with salt and dipped in ketchup.

“Our Skinny Fries product has been a long time in the planning, and we are delighted to be kicking off 2022 with a brand-new SKU,” said Lance Hamilton, chief commercial officer, Mash Direct. “Potatoes are at the heart of what we do at Mash Direct, and it’s always exciting to launch a new iteration of our fabulous home-grown potatoes, especially when it’s a classic such as Skinny Fries.

“We are always innovating to meet consumer demand and offering our consumers quick and convenient solutions to satisfy the family at mealtimes.”

Mash Direct’s Skinny Fries are prepared immediately after harvesting, which ensures an unrivalled freshness of flavour and retains the natural texture and nutritional benefits of the produce. The Skinny Fries are also low in saturated fat, 100% gluten-free and free from artificial flavourings and colourings.

Mash Direct was founded and is led by the award-winning Hamilton family team: husband and wife Martin and Tracy and their sons, Lance and Jack. The farm is located in the lush green countryside of County Down, close to the shores of Strangford Lough in Northern Ireland, and the family is proud to select older heritage varieties of vegetables for their products, chosen specifically for their flavour.

The Mash Direct Skinny Fries (250g) are available to retailers from Monday 24th January, RRP £2.00.


Mash Direct is an independent company started by Martin and Tracy Hamilton at their family-run farm in Comber, in 2004. The Hamiltons began farming the fields around Strangford Lough back in the 1800s and the land has been passed down through six generations, bringing with it a wealth of understanding and knowledge of the area and growing conditions.

After successfully growing and selling vegetables for 17 years, Martin, who is a fifth-generation son of the soil, and Tracy decided to embark on a new direction for their farm, with the aim of combining the tastes of yesterday with modern convenience and innovation.

Today, Mash Direct is a family affair with Martin, Tracy and both of their sons, Lance and Jack all helping Mash Direct on its journey to become a national, household name. From the initial dream of making traditional ‘Ulster’ Champ for convenience in 2004, the Hamilton family has grown Mash Direct into a National household brand, employing 245 people.

The Hamilton family developed a small factory on their farm to capture a traditional cooking style, specially designing and building several pieces of equipment including a unique masher and steam cooker. The bespoke equipment ensures that the vegetables can be steamed gently to retain optimum nutrients and capture the fresh harvested flavour and texture.


Mash Direct has a range of over 50 farm fresh products, 25 of which have won Great Taste Awards. From innovative creations, like Beer Battered Onion Rings, and Cheese & Onion Croquettes, to culinary classics, like Broccoli with a Cheese Sauce, and seasonal editions, including Neeps & Tatties, there are Mash Direct products for every occasion. All products are cooked to perfection and are the ideal accompaniment to individual home cooked meals, Sunday lunches or family celebrations.