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Bushmills unveils new bottle & packaging for single malts


Bushmills Irish Whiskey has unveiled a new bottle and pack for its iconic single malts, including its 10, 16, and 21 Year Old releases, available now across the island of Ireland.

In an era of unprecedented global growth for the premium single malt category, the new pack is aimed at providing a distinctive platform to showcase Bushmills’ single malts and underline its pre-eminence as the original single malt Irish whiskey from the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery.

The new bottle, designed by New York agency Stranger and Stranger, is broad-shouldered and angular, taking inspiration from the Giant’s Causeway, integrating subtle features such as its hexagonal punt mirroring the Causeway stones.

Vibrant colours across the range bring a contemporary elegance while discrete embossing on the side panels honours Bushmills’ 1608 heritage and iconic pot still.

Quality crafted parchment labels are complemented by varnished wooden cork closures for the 10 and 16 Year Old while a bold matt black zamac cap sets off the gunmetal label and gold features of the iconic 21 Year Old.

“I am proud to put my signature to our new single malt bottles,” said Colum Egan, master distiller, Bushmills. “The result of thorough reflection and considerable work by our marketing and Old Bushmills Distillery innovation teams, the new packaging certainly provides a stage for our single malts befitting of Bushmills’ status as the pioneer of Irish single malts and worthy of our generations of master whiskey makers.

“These designs underpin our Bushmills character and quality while delivering a strong and confident appeal to the new generations of single malt explorers worldwide.

“Although our bottles have changed, our whiskey has not. We are still making whiskey the old way; the way our great-grandparents and their great-grandparents made it at the Old Bushmills Distillery.

“Our respect for tradition ensures we’re just as uncompromising about quality as those who came before us. We will continue to maintain our iconic taste and quality of our signature smooth Bushmills Irish Whiskey single malts.”