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Linwoods highlights nutritious hit offered by core range


Local health food brand Linwoods has launched a new campaign, We Make Good Better, championing the health benefits of its product range and highlighting the benefit small changes can bring to consumers’ diets.

The campaign is focused on products from Linwoods’ core range, including Milled Organic Flaxseed, Flaxseed, Sunflower, Pumpkin & Chia Seeds & Goji Berries and Milled Flaxseed Almonds Brazil Nuts Walnuts & Co-Enzyme Q10.

The range can be added to any meal for an instant nutritious hit from overnight oats to soups and salads.

“As we move into the summer months, and with restrictions easing, there is definitely a renewed sense of optimism across the UK,” said Patrick Woods, director, Linwoods. “The purpose of this campaign is to show that by simply adding a couple of spoonfuls of our products to your meals or smoothies, you can make your meals even more nutritious.

“We also have lots of new recipes on our website and social media channels to encourage our customers to try something new and to see how quick and easy it can be to make meals even healthier and nutritious by some simple tweaks and additions.”

The new campaign also outlines the unique cold milling process used by Linwoods, creating products with a rich texture which are easier to consume and digest while retaining all the fibre and nutritional benefits contained within whole seeds.

To support the launch of the We Make Good Better campaign, Linwoods will be unveiling a heavyweight digital media and video on demand campaign nationwide from May.