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Back to basics: Skoda's no frills approach

By Roger St Pierre

Tired of car costs taking an ever-increasing slice of your income? Small on the outside, big inside, a gutsy little one-litre three-cylinder engine, 67mpg fuel consumption, brisk performance and an affordable price – Skoda’s new Citigo offers an intelligent solution of back-to-basics motoring.

A wheel at each corner, decent build quality and low running costs – what more could you ask for?

Well, the Citigo Elegance package includes stylish alloys, integral headrests, a leather-bound steering wheel, heated front seats, front foglamps, electrically heated and adjustable door mirrors a stop/start system and a neat removable PID (portable infotainment device) that provides a media player, a trip computer, sat/nav and Bluetooth connectivity.

With such options as entertainment safety and convenience packs and sport decals, the deal for the car I test drove is a good value £10,630 on the road.

There’s not a lot of frippery here. The interior has acres of bare metal and simple cloth upholstery, and yet it is a comfortable environment, with commendably supportive seats and a good driving position – and it is easier to get in and out than is the case with many a far bigger car.

A large, clear speedometer and ergonomically placed switches make the driver feel immediately at home while there are plenty of storage places for the assorted junk and rubbish that can quickly turn a cabin into a tip.

There’s also a surprisingly commodious boot and both three and five-door versions of the car are available.

Though clearly designed with urban motoring in mind, the Citigo is no slouch out on the open road. It can reach 62 mph from a standing start in 13.2 seconds and has a 107 mph top speed.

60 PS and 75 PS versions of the engine are available, as is a choice between manual and automatic gearboxes.

With S and SE as well as Elegance trim levels, wide choice of colours and a range of options, buyers can have a virtually custom-built Citigo.

It’s an easy to live with car, capable of serving the whole family’s needs. Versatile, easy to drive, simple to park, it can also be a fun mode of transport.

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