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Dirty car 'can ruin first date'

A dirty car and disgusting driving habits can ruin the road to romance for first-daters, a survey has shown.

Almost two in five people on a first date were put off potential suitors by the age and condition of their vehicle, the poll by found.

A dirty car was a particular turn-off, as were unfashionable vehicles and old bangers.

More than half (57%) of the 3,000 people polled were unimpressed with a car that smelled of cigarettes, while others were put off by the bad driving and personal habits of their partner.

The worst behavioural turn-offs were nose-picking, smoking, aggressive driving and talking on mobiles.

Flatulence, checking BlackBerrys, shouting at other drivers and taking eyes off the road were also frowned upon, as were speeding and applying make-up.

The ideal first-date location was seen as a country pub. People also liked their first date to play pop or chart music.

The car most likely to impress a first date was a Porsche, followed by an Audi TT

Jeremy Herbert, head of operations at, said: "There are plenty of single Brits looking for love, and the first date can be crucial when it comes to starting the relationship on the right footing.

"If your car is smart and clean, then you are more likely to make a good impression and get that all-important second date."


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