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Final testing starts on Porsche’s first pure electric sports car - the Taycan

By Paul Connolly

Porsche is putting its Taycan electric car through a brutal final testing programme ahead of sales opening later this year.

The Telsa Model S rival is enduring punishing schedules in the Arctic circle, deserts in Dubai, the Nürburgring race track, and elsewhere around the world to make sure it is ready for use by global consumers.

The car is a critical model for Porsche, not least because it is the company’s first all-electric production model.

The stats for the Taycan’s testing phase are startling:

  • Driven for six million kilometres, of which 2 million km were endurance-standard
  • Tested on the roads and climates of 30 countries
  • Tried out by more than 1,000 test drivers and technicians
  • Temperatures ranged from minus 35C to plus 50C
  • Over 100,000 battery charging cycles used.

The gruelling regime is required as Porsche needs to ensure it gets its first EV (electric vehicle) right, not least as it sells cars to a famously petrol-headed clientele.

The Taycan reportedly has a range of over 310 miles (500km) which if accurate should help reduce driver range anxiety.

Also, it can be charged to drive over 60 miles in just four minutes, according to Porsche.

This means drivers should be able to stop for coffee or lunch and add potentially 150 miles charge or more without being overly inconvenienced.

Assuming enough charging points are available, Porsche obviously hopes this will be a game-changer for electric motoring.

Indeed, more than 20,000 customers have already signed up and put a deposit down on the Taycan.

Last week Porsche said the Taycan was capable of 0-62mph in “significantly less than 3.5 seconds”.

It is currently completing its final test drives before it enters series production.

In Scandinavia, just a few kilometres away from the Arctic Circle, it is proving its potential in terms of driving dynamics on snow and ice, and undergoing tests in South Africa and Dubai.

“After carrying out computer simulations and comprehensive bench tests early on, we have now reached the final phase of this demanding testing programme,” said Porsche’s Stefan Weckbach.

“Before the Taycan is launched on the market at the end of the year, we will have covered approximately six million kilometres across the globe.

“We are already very happy with the current status of the vehicles. The Taycan is going to be a true Porsche.”

Particularly demanding features such as charging the battery or temperature control of the drive train and the interior under extreme conditions are additional aspects in the battery-powered models.

The Porsche Taycan will be introduced in September and will be launched onto the market at the end of the year. Official interior shots of the production-spec Taycan have not been released.

There’s no official word on UK or Ireland price or specification yet, but insiders have let it be known the Taycan will sit between the Cayenne SUV (from £56k) and Panamera five door coupe (£67k) in the Porsche line-up.

The Tesla Model S, likely to be the Taycan’s main rival, ranges in price from £73k to £98k.

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