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Fuel tax reduction tops driver poll

Rising motoring costs are causing almost half of drivers to make fewer journeys, according to a survey.

As many as 46% are not venturing out as often in their cars, the poll by Post Office Car Insurance found.

Some 31% have also cut back on the amount spent on fuel or have shopped around for cheaper petrol, while 27% planned to drive more slowly to conserve fuel.

Based on responses from 2,414 drivers, the poll showed that the top concern for motorists was rising fuel prices, followed by the cost of running a car, the rising costs of insurance, the state of the roads and uninsured drivers.

Topping drivers' "wish list" was a reduction in fuel tax, followed by tougher laws on uninsured drivers, better roads and greater investment in the roads.

Around 22% said they would like to see an increase in the legal driving age.

Gerry Barrett, head of insurance at Post Office, said: "For many drivers, their car is their lifeline and many people rely on their car every day.

"With approximately 405 trips made by every driver each year and with the cost of fuel jumping 52% in the last five years, it is not surprising that motorists are becoming increasingly worried about rising fuel prices and the general cost of running their car."


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