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How one biker had enough..

By David Neely

Let me say that I’m not an advocate of violence but I bet there’s not one person who reads about the following incident who says to him or herself, ‘I would love to have done that.’

My story begins at this year’s annual Harley-Davidson HOG rally, held at Lago di Lugano, in Switzerland. A local Harley-Davidson rider attended the event and I’ve him to thank for this information.

The rally was attended by 60,000 visitors and 15,000 bikes. One day my source was on an organised rideout with something like 80 to 100 bikes taking part. Stewards closed off some roads to ensure the rideout had a clear passage.

At one point the ride slowed down to almost standstill and my source was sitting behind a bike waiting to move off. He noticed a motorist, obviously impatient by being held up by the cavalcade of bikes, inching forward towards the bike in front.

You’ve guessed, the inevitable happened. The driver knocked the rider off his bike, a special, limited edition model. When the rider got up off the ground, he made no attempt to get his machine upright.

He went over to the car, opened the driver’s door, punched him in the face, reached in for the keys and flung them away before kicking off a wing mirror and causing other damage. Yes, on occasions actions speak louder than words.

Diary date: this coming Sunday, August 15, the Carrickfergus based Quay Vipers MCC are holding their annual charity run for the Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary. It leaves Carrick car part at 1pm and the entry fee is £5.

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