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McLaren wows fans by teasing a new supercar GT with a boot big enough for long-distance touring

By Paul Connolly

McLaren has released teaser images of its much-anticipated Grand Tourer model – as the countdown begins until its official reveal in May.

New spy shots of the McLaren GT have been revealed, showing a long front overhang, long length, and a wide stance.

The front overhang is important, as it’s here that customers will place most luggage in a forward boot, opening up the vista of long, travel-friendly drives.

This makes the car more versatile and will widen its popularity away from driving-focused petrol-heads and towards people who want to actually use the car to make, for example, long weekend drives to the Continent.

The teaser images show the mid-engined car still camouflaged, but with its outline and other details clearly exposed.

Other new features appear to include a deep rear diffuser, a new rear spoiler and new lights front and rear. A twin-turbo V8 engine has already been confirmed.

Using the hashtag #NewRules, McLaren’s promotional material describes the GT as “a new kind of Grand Tourer” and adds: “McLaren handling, speed and performance. Continent-crossing space and elegance. All in one beautiful car.

The #NewRules tag promises that the car will break many of the rules that traditionally surround luxury performance grand tourers.

These aren’t the first teaser images of the Grand Tourer, but the others were heavily disguised.

For these photos, McLaren has removed the shape-changing, additional body panels previously used to hide the form of the vehicle.

This has unveiled a sleek and boldly elegant design. However, the car remains covered by a shrink-wrapped livery that proclaims the number of established rules the McLaren of Grand Tourers claims it will break.

McLaren says the shrink-wrap is also there to allow its development to enter the closing stages of the car’s extensive evaluation programme, which has already encompassed thousands of miles in hot and cold climates across the globe.

The ‘Grand Tourer’, says McLaren, has proven its ability to cover long distances in “supreme comfort”, but always with extra shape-changing and noise-inducing panels applied.

Now that these have been removed, the Development Team will run further validation tests, including a 1,000 mile drive from McLaren’s development base near Barcelona, Spain, back to the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England.

This will be completed in one stint with two occupants and a full complement of luggage, and is one of “many long-distance drives” aimed at the new model is both comfortable and refined over the long distances a grand tourer is expected to consume … one rule that McLaren says it won’t be breaking.

McLaren Automotive boss Mike Flewitt says the Grand Tourer will be the “most usable” mid-engined car yet and the interior will feel “spacious, uncluttered and modern with only authentic, high-quality materials employed”.

Further information will be released over the coming months. Pricing remains unknown. As a rough example, a new McLaren 720S Spider will set you back around £237,000 including taxes and an extreme, track-focused (but road legal) McLaren Senna will set you back around £750,000.

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