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Revealed: Northern Ireland's most expensive used car for sale costs... £350k

By Paul Connolly

A lovingly-restored Aston Martin DB6 is on the market for almost £350,000 – making it Northern Ireland’s most expensive used car for sale.

The 1968 two-door coupe is a special model as it received the original Vantage engine upgrade, meaning it retains the rare original uprated engine.

The silver 4.0-litre petrol model is listed on AutoTrader’s website.

The DB6 has 76,650 miles on the clock and is fitted out with a black full leather interior.

Aston Martin DB6

The car – described as a “true British classic” – has been restored back to its original condition by a local enthusiast after being purchased in Switzerland.

The DB6 was the last of a line of classic Aston Martin coupes (made internationally famous when Sean Connery drove a DB5 in the James Bond movie ‘Goldfinger’). After the DB6, the car’s design changed from a 1960s-classic style to the more muscular appearance popular in the 1970s.

Although the DB5 is more famous, many enthusiasts believe the DB6 is superior to drive and travel in.

Aston Martin DB6

The car’s current owner said it was “a pleasure” to restore it.

“The joy comes from seeing such an iconic car returned to its best and to know that someone will look after it and get many more years of enjoyment,” he said.

Aston Martin DB6

 “The car has matching chassis and engine stamps which is desirable in this market as it proves the engine was the original and a good indication that the car has not been involved in a major accident over the years.

“One interesting thing we found is that when the car was new she had the standard 4.0V8 with 282bhp but at some point in the car’s life the Vantage upgrade was completed on the engine which took power to 325bhp.

Aston Martin DB6

“There were only a handful of Vantage models ever built, circa 100, from the 1,788 cars built.

“The important thing with this car is that the original engine was upgraded and not replaced, the cost for the upgrade was circa £25,000 about 25 years ago.”

He described the car as “actually very usable as an everyday car and was much more pleasant to drive compared to the more famous DB5."

Aston Martin DB6

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