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Subaru's new XV is a good all-rounder

By Roger St Pierre

Form and function don’t need to be incompatible. Yes, the new Subaru XV is a good looker, with a sporting demeanour but given its high ground clearance, big tired wheels and superb manoeuvrability it’s also certainly fit for purpose, so it can perform commendably in either an urban or a rural setting – pleasing boulevard cruisers and countryfolk alike.

With its compact, sporty styling and overall design concept, the XV boasts a range of features never before seen in an SUV.

Thanks to symmetrical all-wheel drive and advanced dynamic chassis control – two core Subaru technologies – this vehicle feels incredibly safe and secure to drive. Passengers feel confident too, thanks to a range of both active and passive safety features.

To ensure a comfortable ride for all the occupants, all of the seats have been configured to better fit each occupant’s body. Headrests can be raised, lowered and tilted too..

Subaru’s next generation boxer style powerplant, available in 1.6 and two-litre versions, with the 2.0D diesel sure to be the popular choice, enables a good balance between performance, on and off-road, and fuel efficiency,

The cabin is spacious and relaxing and, with a high stance, affords the driver an excellent field of view.

Particular attention has been paid to ease of access. Unlike some of its rivals, this one is easy to get in and out of, helping commend it as a family-friendly vehicle

A clever flat floor design to the boot ensures loading has never been easier. It also provides several out of sight places, including a 15-litre sub-trunk, in which valuable items can be stowed. Cubby-holes abound in a car designed to meet the needs of families as well as the red diesel brigade who want a lot more comfort, style and sportiness than they got in their trusty old Land Rover.

Thanks to the adoption of this new design, XV owners will benefit from a greater level of convenience when shopping, when using the vehicle for sports and outdoor activities on holidays, and when traveling with pets.

Priced from £21,296 for the petrol models and £23,995 for the diesels, the XV is a lot of car for the money. It feels big and spacious but is far from daunting to drive, lots of attention having been paid to ergonomic placement of the controls and dials.

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