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The top ten Porsches to admire – by the company’s No. 1 fans

By Paul Connolly

It’s one of the world’s most enduring brands; a byword for handling, speed and build quality.

Founded by Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart in 1931, Porsche has consistently been at or near the top of the most recognised car badges in the world.

It has also created an extraordinary range of models, almost all sports cars until recently when powerful SUVs joined the line-up, and is now a global motoring giant with group assets of around €30 billion.

But with a huge contemporary and historical model range, what are the most-admired, most-loved and most-collectible Porsches around?

Well, 20,000 Porsche fans can’t be wrong, so we asked the Porsche Club Great Britain to name the best models.

Formed in 1961, the club is the UK's only officially approved Porsche Club and is one of the largest car clubs in Europe.

Northern Ireland, Region 27 as it’s known, has over 250 members and hosts around 30 events every year. It recently won the club’s prestigious Region of the Year award.

Regional Organiser Ken Mack says: “The passion for Porsche is the pulse of the club! And that passion, irrespective of individual Porsche ownership, guarantees a warm and genuine welcome.

“Local members enjoy a wide range of activities including monthly meetings, regular drives, technical exchanges, and weekends away.

“With Porsche constantly enhancing its model range and increasing the volume of cars it produces, the Club continues to expand and adapt to meet the diverse needs of an ever-growing Porsche community.”

With more than 70% of all Porsches ever made still on the road today (Porsche Cars, 2014), PCGB has become a very significant and loyal group who drive all types and ages of Porsche cars.

This is the Top 10 most popular types owned and driven by PCGB members across the UK, with descriptions by Ken.

No. 10: Porsche Macan

The Macan five-door luxury crossover appeared in 2014 - describe in the motoring press as ‘the quickest, best-driving SUV on the planet’. Job done!


No. 9: Porsche Cayenne

Introduced in 2003, the full off-road capable vehicle was advertised as the company’s ‘third Porsche’! It became Porsche’s most successful car in terms of worldwide sales. That popularity is reflected in the SUV interest across the club.


No. 8: Porsche 356

The ‘first’ Porsche production car, it celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2018.

Four cylinder, air-cooled, rear wheel drive, it came in two-door coupé and open top and began life with a 1100cc engine!

The last 356 was delivered on 26 May 1966. Now much sought after, around half of the 76,000 vehicles produced now survive.


No. 7: Porsche 944

A personal favourite of Region 27 Organiser Ken Mack, the 944 was an evolutionary development of the super successful 924 that transformed a recession-hit Porsche sales during the late 1970s. The 924's main driving asset was its well-balanced handling and this transferred to the 944. What the 924 needed - badly - was more power and this came with the 944's new, all aluminium, 2.5-litre 4-cylinder engine.


No. 6: Porsche 924

The 924 remains a gorgeous piece of 1970s automotive art, echoing the evolution from 1960s curves towards the boxy looks of the 1980s. This isn't a fire-breathing hot rod that requires you to adapt to its quirks and habits, but is a solidly reliable everyday sports coupé with remarkable versatility.


No. 5: Porsche 911 (993)

The 993 reinvented the concept and philosophy of the 911. Always an interim model while the 'new generation' Boxster and 996 models were in development, the 993 nonetheless succeeded beyond Porsche's wildest dreams.

Success came as a result of its curvaceous good looks, new rear suspension and remarkable build quality.


No. 4: Porsche 911 (997)

The 997 represented a significant relaunch of the 911 that included a major body restyling and interior update, while using much of the rolling chassis of the outgoing 996. This included an up-rated version of the water-cooled Carrera engine - offered as a 3.6-litre for the Carrera and a 3.8-litre for the Carrera S.


No. 3: Porsche Cayman

Together, the Boxster and Cayman have long held the top position as the world's best mid-priced sports cars. The visual impression is inspired by the 918 supercar. While it has grown in physical size, it has a refinement level - quality, ergonomics, standard equipment and options - that wasn't previously seen. These are arguably the best everyday Porsches you can buy, and they are easy to drive!


No. 2: Porsche 911 (996)

The 996 is the most popular car in Region 27. It was a complete redesign of the 911 philosophy and majored on being easier live with, yet still keeping the 911's head turning magic. The 996 Coupé is a practical, everyday supercar, but the Cabriolet is not to be missed if you like open air driving (but go for the 2002-on Cabs with the heated glass rear screen rather than the earlier, fragile plastic window).

The Targa is an evolution of the classic drop-head top of the early 911s and delivers a light and airy 996 experience. Pick of the crop? - The ‘Turbo’ with its 414 bhp, 189mph top speed, and ability to get from rest to 60mph in 3.9 seconds makes it an exciting choice!


No. 1: Porsche Boxster

The Boxster family best feature is the everyday driveability. Retaining the near ideal 47% front, 53% rear weight distribution, the mid-engined 2-seater offers spacious luggage areas both in the front and rear. The water-cooled engine delivers smooth, tractable power in a package that is complemented by class leading power assisted steering and brakes.

To find out more about Porsche Club GB in Northern Ireland - contact Ken at:

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