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Time to ride off with a great deal

By David Neely

It’s a sign of the times, tough financially hard times, that Suzuki is bringing back its popular SV650S, the semi faired v-twin. The budget beater has a sale price of a quid less than £5,000.

Yamaha, which has put its prices up by considerably more than the opposition, is not resting on its laurels either. To make its top sportster, the R1, more attractive, two Akrapovic cans, worth well over £1,000, are being given with each new bike sold.

The offer is on for a limited period and the local dealers participating are Hurst Motorcycles, Boucher Road, Belfast, and Millsport, Ballymoney.

So before you buy my advice is to check with all the showrooms to see if they have any special deals on, either in finance or extras. Hurst Motorcycles have also launched their own loyalty card for Yamaha customers. If you can get one for a coffee shop, then when not a bike dealer too?

Finally, where do all the bikers go for the rest of the year after they make their annual pilgrimage to the NW 200? I’m always amazed by the number of bikes I see there during race week but only a tiny percentage appear to come out during the other 51 weeks of the year.

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