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Volkswagen unveils teaser pic of eye-catching new eighth-generation “digital” Gol

By Paul Connolly

The first official teaser of the 2020 VW Golf has been revealed – along with more information on its new “digital” cabin.

Volkswagen’s image, although heavily camouflaged in black and white livery, shows a bigger car with a longer nose, distinct styling and new front-end design.

The famous VW badge has been obscured, renewing speculation that the German manufacturer intends to launch logo this autumn.

VW says the all-new Golf will launch in the autumn into “the era of electrified drives, a digitalised and connected interior world, assisted driving and online-based functions and services.”

In other words, expect the Golf to contain new levels of online connectivity and driver/passenger digitisation.

VW has sold 35 million Golfs since the first generation (known as the Mk 1) appeared in 1974, behind only the Toyota Corolla and Ford F Series pickup in terms of global sales.

It was a front-wheel drive, front-engined car designed to replace the rear-wheel drive, rear-engined VW Beetle. (It was, somewhat bizarrely, known as the Volkswagen Rabbit when it first went on sale in the US.)

Since then, as our other images show, seven generations have appeared. Official sales of the current Mk 7 car will cease after the Mk 8 goes on sale likely in early 2020.

This week’s teaser image shows a five-door model that is evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with traditional Golf traits but also modern styling like a wider bumper, lower grille and new headlamps.

Final testing is still being carried out on the new Golf, but the official launch will be in October.

VW is officially giving away few details but expect more teasing in the run-up to launch.

Klaus Bischoff, head of Volkswagen Design, said: “At this time, we will not disclose all details of the new Golf, but you can already perceive its elegant proportions.”

He added: “The next generation will be a genuine eye-catcher!”

Previous unofficial leaked images appear to show the new Golf’s cabin has undergone a massive revamp. Out goes the button-heavy approach of the current model, and in comes a modern new dashboard with digital displays and a large infotainment screen in the middle.

The car will have the latest VW tech which, whilst not announced yet, will certainly include 24/7 internet connectivity, semi-autonomous driving functions, voice-activated systems and the latest sensor/radar-based safety technology to protect driver, passengers, pedestrians and the occupants of other vehicles.

There will be extensive use of hybrid technology to make the greener and more efficient.

It is unclear if there will be a fully-electric e-Golf, as VW may prefer to concentrate on its forthcoming all-electric new ID brand.

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