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Volvo car displays ‘Northern Lights’ to passengers

Passengers can use an app to personalise sound, vision and even smell inside the executive sedan.

Volvo has developed an “ambience concept” which synchronises visuals, sound and scent in a three-seater luxury car.

Chauffeured passengers can use an app to personalise the atmosphere inside an S90 Excellence executive sedan.

The themes available include “Scandinavian Forest”, “Northern Lights” and “Swan Lake”.

A “Nocturnal” setting is designed for resting, while “Freedom” is said by the Swedish manufacturer to give passengers “a boost of fresh and uplifting energy”.

While the visual element is displayed on the car’s ceiling, synchronised audio plays through a series of speakers, including some contained in the headrest.

Each theme is matched with one of four bespoke scents emitted from a central console.

The system is launching as a concept (Volvo/PA)

Volvo’s head of design Robin Page said: “The Ambience Concept redefines luxury by taking it beyond material choices, creating a car that connects with your senses.

“The design explores how people feel inside the car and enables them to influence their own mood and well-being.”

The firm says the system is launching as a concept but it hopes to make it available in S90 Excellence production cars.


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