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Watch: Did street-legal Aspark Owl just do the impossible - 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds?

By Paul Connolly

Is this the world’s fastest street-legal car?


Japanese supercar maker Aspark stunned auto fans this week with a video said to show its new all-electric Owl model doing 0 – 60mph in 1.92 seconds.

That’s quicker than the time it takes to read this sentence.

The Aspark Owl, first officially unveiled at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, is seen achieving the seemingly impossible time behind the company factory in Japan.

The stunt made headlines in auto publications around the world, but isn’t without controversy.

Aspark Owl 3.jpg

But first the good news: if confirmed, this would make the Owl the fastest-accelerating street-legal car in the world.

But, as with all these things, nothing is straightforward.

First the facts: the previously fastest street-legal production car over 0-60 to date is the all-electric Tesla S (below) in ‘Ludicrous’ mode, authoritatively clocked at 2.3 seconds.

Tesla Model S.jpg

This beats petrol-engined beasts like the Bugatti Chiron (2.5 secs) and Lamborghini Aventador (2.8), according to verifiable manufacturers’ data.

So 1.92 seconds puts the Owl in a league of its own.

But wait: observers have pointed out some shortcomings in the Owl test.

Firstly, it was shod in Hoosier racing tyres, which are not street-legal.

Secondly, there was apparently no video of the car’s speedometer, a standard practice.

And thirdly, why do it in a cramped factory car park?

Aspark Owl 2.jpg

Not that anyone is disputing the Owl’s capability to make this time: electric vehicles can output more power than petrol engines: the Owl’s pair of 40kW motors pump out 429bhp and 563lb ft of torque. And the car is very light at 850kg.

Aspark has promised to re-run the test with street-legal tyres. (And presumably somewhere a bit more visually impressive.)

Of course, the battle has only just begun. Tesla has already claimed its new roadster, due in less than two years, will hit 0–60 in 1.9 seconds!

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