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All the best: Rocker Cormac Neeson's favourite things

Cormac Neeson’s band The Answer took off after he graduated. From left, Micky Waters, Paul Mahon, Cormac and James Heatley
Cormac Neeson’s band The Answer took off after he graduated. From left, Micky Waters, Paul Mahon, Cormac and James Heatley

By Staff Reporter

The 33-year-old is lead singer of Downpatrick rock band The Answer, who are set to release their new album Raise A Little Hell next month. He lives in Belfast with his wife Louise and their three-month-old son Dabhog.

My best moment

The Answer supported AC/DC on tour in America about five years ago and my best moment was playing Madison Square Gardens in New York. It was our first time in the city and we played the Gardens twice and the David Letterman Show once.

The guys from AC/DC were brilliant on tour. They were always coming in to wish us luck and telling us that they were nervous before going on stage, too. We’ve played with big names before but most of them have been considerably more aloof.

My best song

Sting Me by The Black Crowes. I’m a big fan of the band and listen to them regularly. This song epitomises both what the band is about and my musical tastes. I can listen to that song no matter what mood I’m in.

My best way to relax

When I’m on tour it’s always very busy with all the travelling, press, soundchecks and performing we have to do. So when I’m home the best thing I like to do is head down to my local and watch the football, preferably seeing Liverpool win. It’s nice to be able to just sit in one place for a while.

My best job

I joined The Answer when I was at Queen’s University, Belfast and the band took off after I graduated. I did work as a barman in Newcastle for years but other than that I’ve never had a proper job. I never take what I do for granted and any thoughts of ever having to get a real job someday scare me.

My best bit of advice

When I was 21 my dad gave me a birthday card with “Keep on rocking in the free world” written on the inside. I took that and have been running with it ever since. I’m not entirely sure if it was intended to be taken literally.

My best gift

Whenever we visit Japan the people from Zemaitis Guitars in Tokyo come and visit our soundcheck and Paul and Micky from the band get given a couple of guitars each. Once they decided to give me one and I was very chuffed with it. I really enjoy playing it and it’s the guitar I write most of my songs on.

My best achievements

Even though I didn’t have much to do with the giving birth, having Dabhog is my best achievement. He was born three months early and he’s been through the mill in the hospital since then. He’s getting much stronger now, though, and should be coming home to us any day now.

My best buy

The Garage Band App. I’m not very technically-minded but this allows me to lay down tracks for songs so I can bring them to the band as what they’re supposed to sound like. It’s the best £2.99 I’ve ever spent.

My best film

I’m going for The Big Lebowski, starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. I don’t get to the cinema very often but on a tour bus there are plenty of DVDs. This film reminds me of being in college and bumming around doing nothing, like every good student does. It brings back happy memories.

My best book

I like reading but I’m not very fast at it. I’ve read Lord of the Rings a couple of times now, although it took a couple of months each time. The films are great but the book is much better

  • The Answer will be performing at the Limelight in Belfast on March 6, just ahead of the release of Raise A Little Hell on March 9. For details, visit

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