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All the best: Ruairi Conaghan

The 47-year-old actor is originally from Magherafelt. He is appearing in Brian Friel's Molly Sweeney at Belfast's Lyric Theatre. He lives in London with his wife Caitriona and son Sé (7)

My best Moment

Last month I managed to blag a box seat to the musical Matilda for myself and my son Sé. Just as the show started, Sé turned to me and said: " Daddy, this is so exciting, thank you, you're the best daddy in the world". That was a really good moment to hear that from my son.

My best way to relax

My sister has a house in Donegal so we go there a lot. My best times are in a pub by the fire with a pint of Guinness in my hand and a dog asleep in the corner.

My best job

I've just returned from six weeks in New York, performing Samuel Beckett's All That Fall, alongside Eileen Atkins and Michael Gambon. It was a thrilling play, thrilling company and a thrilling city. It doesn't get much better than that really. Although Molly Sweeney is mounting a challenge.

My best advice

I was told years ago that an acting career is not a race. I can't remember who told me but they were right. All of my best work has come in my mid-forties and I hope as I head towards my fifties and beyond that it will keep getting better.

My best song

There are so many to chose from but if I have to I'll pick What's Going On by Marvin Gaye (right). It has everything that needs to be said in lyric and melody about how we should all deal with each other.

My Best Gift

I would have to say it was a pair of slippers given to me as a Christmas present by my sister-in-law Bronagh. They have improved the quality of my life immeasurably. The older you get the more important warm feet become.

My best achievement

I suppose it's managing to stay in this business for nearly 25 years and having the joy of seeing lots of different worlds and my life having many different chapters because of it. But in truth my greatest achievement is that my wife Caitriona and I have produced a son who is kind, polite and has a winning smile.

My best buy

The white gold Celtic ring I purchased on the Kilburn High Road to propose to Caitriona. It cost a pretty penny but as we now enter our 21st year together it feels worth the investment.

'If....' by Lindsay Anderson which came out in around 1969 and was the beginning of a trilogy. Anti-establishment brilliance and a James Dean-like leading performance by Malcolm McDowell.

'For Esme – with Love and Squalor'.a collection of beautiful short stories by the enigmatic JD Salinger. A book I return to again and again.

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