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Apprentice Grainne McCoy toasts survival as Trishna fails gin test

By Joe Nerssessian

Fired Apprentice contestant Trishna Thakrar fell out with her Northern Irish team-mate after they tinkered with the colour of their designer gin - and it cost them the task.

The six remaining candidates were full of Dutch courage on last night's episode as they created their own brand of the popular spirit.

Recruitment manager Thakrar was sent packing by Lord Sugar after Team Titan's gin was rejected by members of the alcohol industry who deemed its colour off-putting.

Thakrar accused her project manager - Newry make-up artist Grainne McCoy - and fellow team member Frances Bishop of "teaming up" in the boardroom.

"I thought it would make it stand out and offer something different but with gin being very traditional I shouldn't have suggested a colour at all and should have kept it clear," she said.

"However, it was up to the project manager to decide which suggestions to take on board and which not to, and having no suggestions herself, she decided to go with the colour so I feel some responsibility should also lie with her."

Lord Sugar fired Thakrar after telling her "the failure of this task had a lot to do with the colour" of the gin.

Thakrar said Bishop was "calculated" throughout the process.

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