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Back in the limelight looking every inch a leading lady

By Frances Burscough

It's a while since Nadine Coyle has been in the spotlight, but she certainly made a comeback to remember this week at the opening night of The Lord of the Dance, Dangerous Games in London.

She was returning to reprise her role as Erin the Goddess in the all-singing, all-dancing West End smash hit and so it was only right that she looked like a true goddess herself, both on stage and off.

Her fabulous costume - made from thousands of gold sequins intricately interwoven with golden threaded embroidery - was quite spectacular and prompted a gasp from the audience as she strode out confidently to centre stage and began belting out her amazing voice accompanied by that iconic long line of tapping, clapping, twirling and swirling Irish dancers.

Then, following her stunning performance, she reappeared later at the after-show reception dressed and styled immaculately in a really elegant and unusual gown by Christian Dior.

This took the asymmetry trend to a new level with one side fitted and formed to her petite frame while the other was draped into a dramatic waterfall cape.

Very sassy, very chic and very grown-up indeed.

With her copper hair gleaming and her red lips shimmering, this was definitely a more confident new look for the softly-spoken and often shy Derry songstress.

It was clear that her poise and personal gravitas had developed and matured since we last saw her in the full glare of the paparazzi limelight.

This was a far cry from her days as a dolly-bird in Girls Aloud and their assorted comebacks, in which she often looked like a sidekick to her more famous and flashy band members.

Here, with Michael Flatley at her side proudly taking her arm, she looked every inch the leading lady.

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