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Beauty and charm of boy’s own adventure

By Joe Nawaz

Shipwrecked, Elmwood Hall, QUB

There was a photographer taking pictures for the tourist board at last night's show, which seems pretty apt for a tale about an early visitor to our shores.

Shipwrecked is the amazing but true boy’s own adventure of one Francisco de Cuéllar, a captain in the Spanish Armada cast ashore on the Irish coast who spent seven months on the run from the English.

The stage is set with actors, musicians, dancers and enough male hosiery for several Tory sex scandals.

What makes Shipwrecked more than the sum of its parts is that it looks and sounds ravishing. The celtic and Spanish songs of the area are captivating, beautifully played and have an added resonance amid the archaic splendour of the Elmwood Hall.

This ‘Renaissance Cabaret Oratorio' captures the weirdness of that period while showing people have always enjoyed a song and a dance.

The five-minute standing ovation is ample tribute to a show of rare beauty, charm and just a little Elizabethan boisterousness.

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