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Review: Hats off to wacky wild west show at the Baby Grand, Belfast


FRED Ladoué's La Compagnie Volpinex, from the south of France, specialises in what is called 'the theatre of objects' which basically means making drama from toys, models, puppets, or indeed any other kind of second-hand 'found' materials.

Bang!, the show the company brought to the 2014 Belfast Children's Festival, was a Wild West story and featured Ladoué himself, manipulating the cast of plastic cowboys, horses and wagons around four miniature cardboard sets, each of which is magnified by video camera on to a large projection screen.

Ladoué's spoken narrative playfully sent up the conventions of cinematic melodrama in a manner which the adults in the audience found funny, but which was probably over the heads of the younger children present.

Bang! is undoubtedly a clever presentation if arguably a little too knowing and sophisticated both linguistically and culturally for the eight-plus age group it is nominally aimed at.


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