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Belfast Festival at Queen’s: Carla Bozulich & Massimo Pupillo plus Cave and Clown Parlour

Carla Bozulich has one of the most unique voices in any genre of music.

Her work is at once brutally raw and weirdly visionary. She is best known as the powerful lead-singer of Evangelista and The Geraldine Fibbers and as the woman who fantastically and eerily re-made Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger.

The New York native’s music swells with emotion and a deep lyricism that confronts the listener head on.

Massimo Pupillo is a bass player, improviser and composer, born in Rome, Italy. Since 1991 he’s been an active engine of the Italian experimental-avant–free music scene and he is currently a member of the internationally renowned cult band Zu.

Chicago-based psychedelic/Krautrock enthusiasts Cave craft tight, funky, free-form slabs of groove-heavy, instrumental space rock that have earned the group comparisons to everyone from Can to Stereolab to Funkadelic.

Local singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Michael Mormecha’s alter ego comes in the shape and form of the enigmatic project - Clown Parlour. Debut album ‘The Sum of Sounds’ was released earlier this year.

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