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Belfast Festival at Queen’s: Chopin 200th Anniversary

Various venues, 15 Oct 7:30am - 16 Oct 5:02pm

For the bicentennial of Fryderyk Chopin's birth, many cities around the world are paying tribute to one of the best known composers of romantic music in the world.

Belfast is no exception - what better excuse could there be to celebrate this most magical of pianist-composers?

Chopin preferred to play in salon settings and didn’t care much for big public halls. Though much of his music could be termed ‘small-scale’ the power of its intimacy and its sheer breadth is astonishing and so it lends itself beautifully to a festival celebration like that of virtually no other composer.

We’ve tried to take a slightly unusual approach, perhaps covering some of Chopin’s less obvious output in the process. His music always sparkles and surprises, what an opportunity to enjoy a great old friend or to have the pleasure of his company for the first time. Graeme Farrow, Member, Chopin 2010 Honorary Committee

Rush Hour Chopin

Take a break from rushing to and from the office and stop for a moment in Central Station. Some of our finest musicians will treat you to a dash of rousing music in the morning to get you all fired up for work; then something to help you unwind and put a smile on your face at the end of the day.

Date: Fri 15 Oct Time: 7.30-9.00am & 4.30-6.00pm Venue: Central Station

Open Chopin

Interrupt your Saturday shopping for a touch of Fryderyk Chopin. Step inside Belfast City Hall and listen to the sounds of Chopin reverberating throughout this magnificent building. And as the title suggests, it’s completely ‘open’ and anyone can apply to tinkle the ivories as part of this unique festival event. Fill in the form on the Open Chopin page at to find out if you’ve been allocated a 15 minute slot during which to impress!

Date: Sat 16 Oct Time: 10.00am-5.00pm Venue: Belfast City Hall

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