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Belfast Festival at Queen's: Fargo

Queen's Film Theatre, 24 Oct 9:15pm

A Coen brothers classic, Fargo is a tremendously enjoyable quirky thriller which morphs into an hilariously downbeat black comedy.

Frances McDormand is terrific as Marge Gunderson, the dogged smalltown cop who never gives up - despite being heavily pregnant.

A sleazy local car dealer hatches a plot to have his wife kidnapped and to use the ransom, paid by her rich father, to solve his money problems.

Unfortunately for him, his scheme goes awry from the very beginning, right down to his choice of ‘kidnappers’ - two inept small time crooks.

Things soon take a bloody turn

Set it rural Minnesota, part of the joy of Fargo is the magnificent wintry landscape, a pure white canvas for the Coens’ comedy and trademark snappy dialogue (here married with the locals’ sing-song dialect to tremendous effect).

Pure pleasure from start to finish.

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