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Belfast Festival at Queen’s: Martin Creed Band

Belfast Barge, Lanyon Quay, 23 Oct 8:00pm

For Martin Creed, perhaps best known for winning the Turner Prize in 2001 for Work No 227, the lights going on and off, there is no difference between music making and art making.

Just like his art, Martin Creed's music is striking. A humorous compression of maximum expression pushing the extremes of noise and silence. Start at the Wire and turn left by Napalm Death and keep counting. You might be ambushed by the Martin Creed Band, shooting out dozens of musical starbursts in flashes of wilful and wild music.

When asked in an interview for the online arts publication ARTINFO.Com how he would describe his music, Martin answered “well I don’t know. I think it’s the same as my other work. I don’t know what it sounds like to people. ”. Perhaps the best way to find out is to listen for yourself!

Advisory: some strong language and images of nudity

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