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Belfast Festival’s golden moment

By Shan McAnena

The 50th Belfast Festival at Queen’s presents the opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved over the years and to remember what makes this cultural extravaganza so special.

It is breathtaking to consider the number of people who, over the last five decades, have played their part in creating Festival’s cultural legacy. From artists and performers, venues and audiences, volunteers and staff through to our patrons and supporters — all have helped Festival on its journey and ensured it continues to inspire and excite.

The 2012 Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s will indeed inspire audiences with a programme featuring outstanding artists, authors and performers from across the world participating in more than 180 events over 17 days right across the city, many of them world, UK and Irish premieres.

There is music in shopping centres, churches and museums; comedy at the heart of Queen’s University; theatre in offices, public baths and bars; and art in the open air. From hip-hop to opera, hunting for fairies to ghosts in the dark, from international superstars to local heroes, we proudly present to you the largest and most eclectic arts festival in Ireland.

The 50th Festival programme is the result of a huge team effort and we are extremely grateful for all this support, without which this exciting celebration would simply not be possible.

Whether you are a regular Festival-goer or you have never been before, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and your budget. Festival has something for everyone!

Shan McAnena is Director of Ulster Bank Belfast Festival at Queen’s

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