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Ciaran's tribute to the Rhinestone Cowboy

Glen Campbell
Glen Campbell

By Hugo Duncan

I have always been a big fan of Glen Campbell. His easy, relaxed style appealed greatly to me and the songs which projected him to fame impacted on me in the early days of my career.

So it was with considerable interest that I learned that Ciaran Rosney, one of the newer stars on the Irish country music scene, is to undertake a Gentle On My Mind autumn tribute tour, highlighting Glen's distinctive music style.

Since launching his own band in March last year, Ciaran has made considerable headway. Not only is he a talented singer, but he is also a gifted guitarist - someone who can play and sing with equal facility.

He had been making an impact as a solo artiste, but like a number of other singers, the lure of the ballrooms proved a magnet for him.

Now he is enjoying a much higher profile and I think his Gentle On My Mind tour concept is admirable in that it will bring a fresh dimension to the concert scene.

"I have always been an admirer of Glen Campbell and, following his death, I felt that I would like to pay my own special tribute to his memory and this forthcoming series of concerts is the best way in which I feel I can do this," explains Ciaran.

Having received considerable exposure on the national and local airwaves and on television, Ciaran has ascended the ladder of popularity yet retains the same modest, unassuming demeanour that has characterised his career.

In conjunction with his theatre tour, Ciaran has released Try a Little Kindness, which looks certain to create a stir.

One of his first Gentle On My Mind shows will take place at the Strule Theatre in Omagh.

I obviously know the theatre well and I have no doubt that Ciaran will prove a big hit there.

I well remember numbers like Rhinestone Cowboy, Wichita Linesman and, of course, Gentle On My Mind being part of the staple diet of country music back in the day and now Ciaran could be set to win many new fans as he brings the best of Glen's music into the spotlight once more.

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