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Colin Hamell Q&A

The 41-year-old is originally from Navan and now lives in Boston. He is the star of one-man show Jimmy Titanic

QWhat are you up to at the moment?

AAt the minute I'm running round Boston like a lunatic, about to catch a flight!

QWhat's your new show about?

AA large part of the play is set in heaven, where God is just sitting having a cigarette when suddenly 1,500 people arrive up from the Titanic disaster. They're not very happy.

QWhat's your role going to be like?

AI play over 20 characters. It's pretty intense because it's a high energy piece. But the more you do it the more comfortable you become with it – and I don't leave the stage, so it becomes part muscle memory.

QDo you have superstitions about going on stage?

AFor me any superstitions would almost be a distraction. I just have to have a clear head, so I can go and do it.

QDescribe your best moment on stage so far...

AIt was probably my first professional production in the US. I was cast in The Beauty Queen of Leenane, with Julie Harris, who passed away a few months ago. She was James Dean's lover in East of Eden.

Q...and what's your worst moment?

AIn one show in Boston I portrayed God as a chain-smoking, inner city gangster-type, but in a very funny way. There was one lady who sat there tutting. Then I heard her saying to me: "God would never smoke!"

QHow do you deal with a troublesome audience?

ASome nights you expect a heckle and they don't come. But you have to just stay focused and not lose your way.

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