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Free Terry Deary Books

Capture Your Child's Imagination

For one day only on Friday 9th January 2015, the Belfast Telegraph comes with a free book by Terry Deary, author of the popular "Horrible Histories" series.

Collect all four of these exciting and adventurous tales that will boost your child's imagination.


The Magic and the Mummy

Neria is given the responsibility of mummifying the pharaoh's cat, to accompany him to the Afterlife.

The trouble is, Neria is too squeamish to kill and gut the cat. Can she find a way to save the cat - without being caught and punished?


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The Pirate Lord

Tom is a cabin boy for Captain Francis Drake, on his mission to steal South American gold from the Spanish fleet. Can Tom survive the trip round the world and come back rich?


The Sword of the Viking King

Ethelbert is young, but he wishes he could fight to protect his country. And soon he is called upon to do just that. But when faced with such fearsome warriors, it is only through cunning and mystery that they will get the upper hand.


The War Game

A veteran soldier and a young recruit are 'celebrating' Christmas in the trenches of Flanders in 1914. They hear the enemy sing carols and watch them place Christmas Trees in the trenches opposite. They begin to shout greetings across no-man's land and end up playing an international football match.

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