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Drinks brand sends Marty McFly and Doc Brown Back to the Belfast

On the day when Marty McFly arrived in the iconic 80s film Back to the Future, a scene from the movie has been recreated in Belfast.

October 21 2015 is the date Marty and Doc Brown arrived in the future.

And drinks brand Harp has recreated a scene from the movie to celebrate.

In Belfast where the famous time travelling DeLorean cars were built, actors have re-shot the famous zip-line scene from the clock tower.

Local actors Gerard McCabe and Dan Gordon performed as Marty and Doc at the Gasworks in the city.

Lisa Ronayne from Harp said: "In 1985, two of the most celebrated characters in film history took to the skies in a Northern Ireland-built time machine and travelled 30 years into the future, eventually arriving today.

"We wanted to thank them for their outstanding contributions to science fiction and thought the best way of doing this was by paying homage to their original time-travelling journey which took place at the Hill Valley clock tower in 1955.

"I look forward to thanking them both in person, in the future, if I haven't already done so."

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