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FAR - Waterfront Studio, Belfast

By Jane Hardy

Wayne McGregor produces challenging, conceptual dance. If you think this may not be for you, you're mistaken.

His Random Dance company's performance of FAR — an acronym for Flesh against a Rational World — at the Waterfront Studio was exhilarating, beautiful and, yes, sexy at times.

It began with a pas de deux set against attractive baroque music. The couple were ushered in by flame-bearers and tested each other, then loved, challenged and even boxed a little.

The choreography reminded me of London Contemporary Dance Theatre a few years back plus extra speed and sinuousness. These dancers manage to sustain unusual poses with unusual grace.

After that, we had a modern soundtrack by Ben Frost and a shift of emphasis. The 10 “beautiful bodies” — Wayne's words — managed to conjure up a range of scenarios against a white lozenge backdrop. At one point, the seconds ticked by audibly and we had a kind of count-up to creation. There was a male pas de deux, full of tenderness and passion, and the narrative may have wandered pleasantly beyond reach, but the technical skill and enthusiasm of the dancers never waned.

Overall, you sensed the tension between ideas and the physical, even animal nature of man, expressed in a myriad of instinctive movements. At times, the sounds chimed with the dancers, at times against them. The nearly full audience gave the dance a rousing round of applause. Do go, it may just shift your views of modern dance.

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