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2015 Christmas adverts: Does Aldi's John Lewis send up win battle of the ads?

Aldi is the latest retailer to spring its Christmas advertising campaign on the public. But does its send up of John Lewis's offering ring bells for you?

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The budget retailer takes the hand out of the Lewis ad's 'Half the World Away' advert with an elderly man preferring a cheaper version telescope. And, when he gazes at the stars there is another imminent arrival to delight the slippered lothario. But is it your favourite? Cast your vote in our newest poll.

Meanwhile, the Ballymena bear has stormed the internet in a heart-warming festive tale.

His quest to be reunited with his owner, portrayed in an advert promoting Christmas in the Co Antrim town, has been viewed more than 15,000 times.

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German supermarket Edeka’s Christmas ad goes viral

And At nearly four minutes long the film has been viewed in 49 countries, including Australia, Iraq and Russia.

But is it your favourite of all the Christmas ads - take our poll.

While the the big names battle it out for the fuzziest festive ad out there, House of Fraser decided to rebel.

The store's campaign, which is called 'Your Christmas Your Rules', aims to offer an antidote to the festive norm with an unapologetic message all about challenging tradition and banishing the bland.

John Lewis, as is becoming tradition, sounded the unofficial start of the countdown to Christmas with its man on the moon commercial.

A heart rendering tale of how an elderly man, living in solitude on the moon, finds solace in the company of a young girl through a telescope.

The advert ends with the strapline 'Show someone they’re loved this Christmas'.

The department store has teamed up with Age UK to highlight the plight of the elderly for its festive campaign to encourage shoppers to chose it over its many rivals.

Millions have watched the ad on YouTube

However, while many have praised the piece, reported to have cost £7m to make and broadcast, there have been many others who have voiced their dissatisfaction, not least with Norwegian singer Aurora's treatment of the Oasis classic 'Half the World Away'.

Nevetheless, we are asking you to have your say on some of the Christmas adverts out so far.

High-end fashion brand Mulberry's alternative take on the Nativity garnered a huge response.

By replacing the baby Jesus with one of its £995 - yes £995 - creations the advert has instantly become one of the most memorable on the Christmas scene.

Marks & Spencer, meanwhile, has gone down the more traditional route of a department store, by actually advertising products it sells in its shops.

In a more upbeat approach the famous old retailer goes through the highlights of the big day, sparing no sparkle.

Lidl also launched its Christmas advert on November 1.

Called the 'Lidl school of Christmas', it shows people taking classes in how to make the perfect left-over sandwich, light a Christmas pudding on fire and appear grateful when receiving sub-optimal Christmas gifts.

It's not just retailers looking to boost their profits at Christmas. This year Sky premiered an advert featuring another cute little girl who gets transported into her favourite movies.

Back to retail and Cadbury is releasing 24 of its purple trucks, one for each day leading up to Christmas.

Each vehicle represents a different door of a Cadbury advent calendar.

The ad will then be brought to life when the fleet of chocolate-laden trucks depart to a different location every day in the ultimate advent.

Chemist, Boots, enlisted the help of director Joseph Kahn who is more used to producing music videos for the likes of Britney Spears and Taylor Swift.

For it a blue firefly takes the viewer though a Christmassy world packed full of gifts while a Jessie J version of 1950s classic (Everybody's Waitin' for) The Man with the Bag.

But PayPal, the internet money transfer site, has already been accused of ruining Christmas with its holiday TV advert, by somewhat dispelling the magic of Santa - we'll say no more.

Finally it wouldn't be Christmas, without the old favourites, namely Coca Cola and Guinness.

A spokeswoman for Coca Cola couldn’t yet confirm the date for their Christmas advert, but said that the famous Coca-Cola truck, used in the advert for 20 years, will go on tour to UK cities from November 20.

Whereas the traditional Guinness advert, where they dream of a white one at the home of the black stuff is always sure to remain a favourite.


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