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Acting roles for women poor, says Jessica Raine

By Harriet Line

Call the Midwife star Jessica Raine has hit out at writers who create feeble parts for actresses.

The 32-year-old criticised the characterisation of women and unequal opportunities in the industry.

"It's amazing the number of poorly written women out there," Raine said. But she was optimistic that the situation is improving.

"There are a lot of cool women putting up the magnifying glass (to their faces): 'I'm judged by this; what are you men judged on?'

"I'm not moaning - I've played some great women - but the situation needs to keep changing."

The actress joked she was now "post-ingenue" - so is no longer typecast as a new, young actress, but is worried that decent parts for women is still a problem.

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