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Batman V Superman - Dawn of Justice: Heroes collide in action flick

By Damon Smith

Expect a super-powered smackdown involving two of DC Comics' most popular characters that neatly tees up a blitzkrieg of Justice League features and blockbuster spin-offs. Action sequences are robust, but the miasma of digital effects sometimes reduces skirmishes to a blur.

Snappy dialogue sounds like it has been torn from the pages of comic books and Affleck and Cavill engage in a battle of topless posturing and chisel-jawed stoicism. Eisenberg's twitchy, psychotic archnemesis stays the right side of pantomime - just.

With director Zack Snyder at the helm, every frame is crammed to bursting with artfully composed destruction. There is a leaner two-hour film lurking within this bloated beast, but brevity has never been one of Snyder's virtues.

Three stars

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