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Bruising encounter for Ardal O'Hanlon in Derry Girls cameo

Ardal O'Hanlon in Derry Girls
Ardal O'Hanlon in Derry Girls
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

It was a bruising encounter for Ardal O'Hanlon for his cameo appearance in the hit Channel 4 comedy Derry Girls.

The Father Ted star played Eamon, son of fearsome Aunt Bridie who dropped dead at a family wedding - after Ma Mary’s 'curse'.

The two women had been at odds after Eamon was pushed out of ‘Rock the Boat’  - a song he’d waited the whole night for - and which resulted in his bruise.

Much hilarity ensued at the wake, especially when Michelle showed up with her own brand scones. The added ingredients "some drugs".

"FINALLY! “Scone” rhymed with “gone” gets the platform it deserves," tweeted Maura McElhone.

But it was the stalwarts of Tommy Tiernan as Da Gerry, Ian McElhinney as Granda Joe and comedy legend Kevin McAleer as Uncle Colm who stole the show.

“Ardal O’Hanlon, Tommy Tiernan and Kevin McAleer in the one episode. 16 year old comedy nerd me would never have believed it,” said creator and writer Lisa McGee.

Many took to Twitter to say it was one of the best shows of the new series - and possibly one of the best of all the shows.

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