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Christine Lampard reveals how she was left shaken after 9/11 terror attack dream days before it happened

Christine Lampard has told how she was left shaken up after she dreamed about being in a plane used in the 9/11 terror attack - before it happened.

Speaking on ITV's Loose Women programme on Wednesday during a discussion about destiny the Northern Ireland star said she had had a detailed vision of aircraft crashing into a building.

The 38-year-old said: "I had a dream about 9/11 - I dreamt about a plane crashing and I'll not go into the details because it was detailed, but I woke up after it in such a state. I told my mum.

"And I was in work the day it happened and I thought, I saw that. I was in the plane within the dream. I knew there was chaos. I could see the cockpit and I could see hundreds of windows. It happened days before it happened."

She added: "I am a common sense person. I am willing for someone to explain it and say you clearly watched something, I'm not claiming anything. There probably was something that sparked it, the timing of it is unusual but it shook me up for days afterwards.

"A shiver type moment."

She also told how she had been approached on the street in New York previously by strangers telling her she had an "aura" surrounding her.

"It happened twice on separate occasions in New York.

"But they came up and said 'I'm a psychic and I have a feeling that you are and you just don't know that you are'.

"They said there is an aura about you."

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