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David Beckham has a future as an actor, says Guy Ritchie

By Shereen Low

Former footballer David Beckham has a promising career as an actor Guy Ritchie has said.

The former England star (40) makes a cameo as the projectionist in Ritchie's new film, The Man From UNCLE, which had its UK debut last night in Somerset.

Beckham, also has a role in Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur, which Ritchie directs.

The Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels film-maker said: "We've put him in Arthur, which we've just finished, and he was fabulous in that. He's got a bigger role in that.We'll go steadily with David and see where that goes. He does enjoy it."

The 46-year-old director and his model wife Jacqui - wearing a white Alice Temperley gown - made their first red carpet appearance as Mr and Mrs Ritchie since they married in a three-day wedding extravaganza at their Wiltshire home on July 30, which had a star-studded guest list.

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