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Dublin Murders star Sarah Greene wants to start family in Northern Ireland

Co-stars Killian Scott and Sarah Greene
Co-stars Killian Scott and Sarah Greene

One of the stars of the BBC's newest hard-hitting crime drama Sarah Greene has spoken of her partner's desire for the couple to live in Northern Ireland when they start a family.

Ms Greene plays homicide detective Cassie Maddox in the eight-part drama Dublin Murders which is based on the internationally bestselling work of crime novelist Tana French.

The series was shot in Belfast and across other parts of Northern Ireland as well as in the Irish capital as they recreate Dublin in 2006, during the Celtic Tiger financial boom.

The series is a dark, psychological mystery thriller which focuses on a murder investigation led by detectives Rob Reilly played by Killian Scott and Sarah Greene's character.

Alongside her partner Rob (Killian Scott), Cassie is investigating the killing of a 13-year-old ballerina found dead on an ancient stone altar in the woods.

Ballycastle-born Game of Thrones star, Conleth Hill, also plays the crude and foul-mouthed Dublin Murder Squad superintendent O’Kelly.

On set, she said all the cast and crew have already met or worked together.

Killian Scott as Detective Rob Reilly and Sarah Greene as Detective Cassie Maddox in Dublin Murders
Killian Scott as Detective Rob Reilly and Sarah Greene as Detective Cassie Maddox in Dublin Murders

"Everyone knows everyone because we've all worked in theatre. All of our Dublin Murders crew came from Game Of Thrones. Also, we only drink in two pubs in Dublin, so we always bump into each other."

As the female lead, Ms Greene (35) says it's challenging in her industry for women in her age bracket.

""I mean, look at Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. He looks f****** gorgeous, whereas I've currently got every single machine and product working on my face to iron out every single wrinkle," says Greene.

""It's really, really tough being a woman. I think about getting work done all the time."

But she said her desire to have children weighs on her mind more than her career. "I think my biological clock ticking is more worrying for me than getting the right roles," she says.

"My boyfriend and I were talking about where we'd bring up [any future] kids. He's from Northern Ireland, so he really wants us based there, whereas I'd rather Dublin. It's such a tight-knit acting community in Dublin."

Ms Greene has also dipped her toe in Hollywood, where she met director Harvey Weinstein. "Harvey Weinstein is a horrible man. He's a pig," she said.

"We had dinner, just the two of us. He said, 'I want to put you in my films'. The next day, I had two scripts in my hand.

"I don't want to be associated with him. I knew what he was like. I made sure I wasn't ever in any hotel rooms with him. I was older than he thought I was. There's no story to tell."

The 67-year-old is currently on bail and due to stand trial in New York in January over rape allegations. He has denied the accusations against him.

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