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Eamonn Holmes recalls ‘petrol bombs, bullets and working on a milk float’ during first GB News show


Eamonn Holmes and co-host Isabel Webster on GB News

Eamonn Holmes and co-host Isabel Webster on GB News

Eamonn Holmes and co-host Isabel Webster on GB News

Veteran broadcaster Eamonn Holmes reflected on his upbringing in Northern Ireland as he launched his new morning breakfast show on GB News.

Holmes (62) and co-host Isabel Webster said they got “the old band back together” having both worked at Sky in the past.

Throughout the show - Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel - an emphasis was placed on “doing things differently” by putting the views of the public front and centre.

Two of the main talking points on Monday were the introduction of masks for secondary school pupils in England and whether fireworks should be banned for personal use due to the distress they cause household pets.

On Sunday night Eamonn released a short video on Twitter in which he told his followers he would have trouble sleeping due to his excitement at presenting a new breakfast show.

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He said within a week it will be a breakfast TV and radio show. The show will be about what's important to the viewers, “your news, your views,” he explained.

"We'll be going out and about to your towns and cities to see you, asking you to say hello and asking you what's the matter and indeed what there is to praise, what there is to shout about, to make breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel your go to choice first thing in the morning.”

Holmes is an experienced hand when it comes to morning news having hosted GMTV for over a decade and the Sky News Sunrise programme.

His no-nonsense approach seems best suited to these types of programmes as opposed to the mixed bag of This Morning, where he could be speaking about serious news one minute before talking to a woman who wants to marry a ghost the next.

True to Eamonn’s word they were on doorsteps in the north of England asking a member of the public about proposals to bring in masks for secondary school children in England amid a surge in Omicron cases.

Contrasting the treatment of children nowadays to his childhood living in Belfast, he shared a story about travelling to school on a bus which was petrol bombed and when he arrived at school late and explained to his headmaster he was given detention.

The Northern Irish man said that nowadays he would be offered counselling and aftercare.

Speaking about animals being scared of fireworks he said he grew up in Belfast in the 1970s and is wary of the explosions as it reminds him of gunshots.

He also reminisced about working on a milk float and said it put him off milk for life as there’s “nothing worse than the smell of curdled milk”.

Fans said they were “enjoying the banter” from the pair while others congratulated them on “non-biased reporting”.

Holmes concluded Monday’s show by saying it was the first but he hoped it wasn’t the last.

The right-wing GB News channel has experienced a turbulent beginning with Andrew Neil - former chairman and lead presenter - leaving after just three months.

Following his swift exit Mr Neil bemoaned the “Fox News direction” of the channel saying it now resembled a “Ukip tribute band”.

This week, a Nigel Farage exclusive interview with Donald Trump boosted viewing figures and his programme is proving consistently popular with the channel’s audience.

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