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Everything, Everything: Teens' love hampered by fate


Based on Nicola Yoon's popular young adult novel, Everything, Everything is a bittersweet teen romance between two neighbours, whose path to true love is obstructed by cruel fate.

Since she was born, Maddy Whittier (Amandla Stenberg) has suffered from Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID). The condition seriously threatens her health if she steps outside the front door of her carefully protected home. So Maddy is confined to the house, where her fiercely protective mother Pauline (Anika Noni Rose) and nurse Carla (Ana de la Reguera) manage her condition.

Now 18, Maddy yearns to venture outside to explore but she knows that every minute outside of her home could be her last.

Joe Bright (Scott Baio), his wife Mae (Fiona Loewi) and their two children, Olly (Nick Robinson) and Kayra (Taylor Hickson), move in next door. Maddy is immediately attracted to Olly.

The teenagers begin texting and romance blossoms, which intensifies Maddy's yearning to risk her health to see outside the four walls of her home with Olly by her side.

Three stars

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