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Film releases: Hero's on track to disaster

Glory (Cert 12A, 101 mins)

By Damon Smith

A noble act has unexpectedly horrific repercussions for two strangers in this award-winning black comedy co-directed by Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov.

Tsanko (Stefan Denolyubov) has worked on the Bulgarian railways for most of his life, dutifully repairing the tracks of a transport system that desperately requires investment.

During one of his sorties along the line, he stumbles upon a small fortune in cash.

However, Tsanko hands in his find rather than pocketing the loot for himself.

Ministry of Transport communications officer Julia (Margita Gosheva) learns about this act of selflessness and decides to distract attention from bad publicity swirling around her department by inviting Tsanko to Sofia to accept a reward.

The railway worker obliges in front of the media, unaware of the heartache that will follow.

Meanwhile, Julia stoically juggles work responsibilities with her efforts to conceive a child with her husband Valeri (Kitodar Todorov).

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