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Filmmaker's surprise as movie predicts coronavirus quarantine


An image from the movie Bathroom

An image from the movie Bathroom

Filmmaker Ken Fanning

Filmmaker Ken Fanning


An image from the movie Bathroom

A film about two people locked in a bathroom in east Belfast for a week - which mirrors so much of life in coronavirus lockdown - has been released on the internet after a successful year on the film festival circuit.

Bathroom, by circus performer and maverick filmmaker Ken Fanning, tells the story of how two people cope while self-isolating in their bathroom, which has been stocked with food, a cooker and a makeshift bed.

The film's two main characters, Ronald and Regina, live in a bathroom for their own protection.

They believe that they survived the 'situation' and are the only circus artists left in the world.

Created and filmed long before the current coronavirus pandemic erupted, Mr Fanning said it was eerie how much of the film is being re-enacted in people's homes now.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, he said: "When we came up with the idea of the film we thought about what it would be like for two artists living on their own in a woods or a forest but then we picked our bathroom because we thought that would be ridiculous.

"Then we thought about what they would have to do - they would have to get food and what would they do with their time - would they write a book, make sourdough bread which is kind of what is happening now.

"We even have a scene with toilet rolls."

Mr Fanning said he did not immediately make the connection between his film and how people are living their lives now under the coronavirus restrictions.

He continued: "A lot of people kept commenting to me how the way people are being isolated now is like the film, so I actually sat down and watched it again and I could see straight away why they were making the connection.

"I was amazed at how many things we got right."

Ken added: "At the time we thought it was a stupid idea because we thought no one would ever end up living like this but it shows you anything can happen.

"It is a light-hearted comedy that lasts an hour and 20 minutes and there is a bit of circus in there as well so it will allow people who are stuck inside to spend some time away from the seriousness of the actual situation we are in right now."

Bathroom can be streamed for £4 on https://gum.co/sKCQU

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